At Driscoll Law Offices, we are dedicated to representing individuals and the families of those who have suffered serious injury or death due to the negligence of others. Founding partner, John J. Driscoll, has over 20 years of experience in all areas of personal injury law, including auto and trucking accident cases, workers compensation, construction negligence, wrongful death, Animal Control Act claims, medical negligence, and nursing home abuse cases. Mr. Driscoll has attained successful results for each of his clients either by negotiating a fair settlement or aggressively trying their case to verdict.

Our firm recognizes it's responsibility to be advocates for our clients, knowing that the cases we handle have a significant impact on their lives. We will work diligently to ensure that our clients receive full compensation for their injuries. The small size of our law firm and its wide-ranging experience offers each of our clients a level of commitment, and personal attention to their individual case.

Attorney John J. Driscoll

Personal Injury & Workers Compensation Attorney

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Driscoll Law Offices’ founding partner, John Driscoll, has over 20 years of experience in all areas of personal injury law, including auto & trucking accident cases, workers compensation, construction negligence, wrongful death, Animal control act claims, medical negligence, and nursing home abuse cases. Mr. Driscoll has attained successful results for each of his clients either by negotiating a fair settlement or aggressively trying their case to verdict.

He has attained results that total in the multi-millions of dollars throughout his legal career. He received a $1.75 million settlement for a client who was misdiagnosed with metastatic spine cancer and settled a $ 1.5 million case just before trial for a truck driver who sustained a permanent back injury when he was injured at a loading dock.

He has obtained the respect of fellow attorneys, as evidenced by the numerous referrals received from attorneys in other practice areas throughout the legal community.

Martindale-Hubbell’s Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers has bestowed a BV rating upon Mr. Driscoll, recognizing a high level of legal ability and adherence to professional conduct, reliability and diligence.

He was appointed and served as a member of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Civil Practice and Procedure Section Council and is a published author in the field of personal injury litigation, writing the articles listed below in the Illinois State Bar Association’s “Trial Briefs” Publication :

Tendrick v. Community Resource Center Inc. and the Theory of Transferred Negligence in Medical Negligence actions

Clark v. Children's Memorial Hospital: Expanding Recoverable Damages in Wrongful birth Actions

Driscoll Law Offices represents clients in multiple counties throughout the State of Illinois with a primary focus on Cook, Will and Dupage counties.


Verdicts & Settlements

Medical Negligence

$1,750,000.00 69 year old man misdiagnosed with metastatic spine cancer and received unnecessary chemotherapy resulting in permanent neurologic complications

Pedestrian struck by a vehicle

$910,000.00 32 year old woman was a pedestrian struck by a vehicle resulting in a herniated disc in her lower spine requiring surgery.

Auto Accident

$650,000.00 46 year old rear ended in an auto accident resulting in a herniated disc in his spine requiring surgery.

Work Related Accident : Workers' Compensation

$174,000.00 65 year old injured his shoulder pulling a hose while flushing a sewer line resulting in multiple shoulder surgeries.

* Work Related Accident : Truck Driver

$1,500,000.00 Settlement for a 32 year old man, who was pinned between two trucks at a dock and suffered a permanent injury to his neck and back — requiring fusion surgery.

* Brain Damage to a 9 year old child / Premises Liability

$19,082,580.98 Jury Verdict (Second Chair) 9 year old sustained a brain injury with resulting permanent deficits when a portable television stand fell on him while at school.

* Brain Damage - Pedestrian struck by a CTA bus

$3,000,000.00 Settlement for a 42 year old man who suffered a brain injury while he was a pedestrian crossing Madison street outside of the United Center.

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This website is not intended to be a source of legal advice. It contains advertising and promotional materials, and Driscoll Law Offices P.C. makes no representation or promise that it can obtain the same or similar results as reported in cases referenced herein in other legal matters.
*Prior to Driscoll Law Offices P.C.'s opening in 2008, John J. Driscoll worked on these cases listed above while employed at Passen & Driscoll, in conjunction with Stephen M. Passen, principal attorney of the firm.


We have extensive experience in representing seriously injured victums of auto accidents including those involving vehicles, trains, buses, motercycles, trucks and pedestrian/auto cases.

Attorney Driscoll has tried and settled numerous automobile accident cases on behalf of clients and their family members and takes pride in achieving successful results. If you, or a family member has suffered a significant injury in an auto accident, please contact our firm for a free consultation.

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trucking accidents

Serious injuries are an unfortunate, and frequent occurrence in our state due to the negligence of trucking companies, who travel on our roadways. It is essential, in pursuing a claim against these large transportation companies, that one understand the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations and how they can be used in prosecuting a claim. Drivers who are in violation of hours of service requirements of the Federal Regulations may be operating large semi trucks while imparied or fatigued.

Understanding the legality of properly logging hours of service, and complying with federal regulations relating to issues like securement and vehicle inspections is crucial in evaluating and prosecuting claims against these large transportation companies.

Attorney Driscoll has a tremendous amount of experience representing victims of catastrophic trucking accidents, and evaluating the intricacies of the legal issues involved in order to maximize our client’s results in these complex claims.

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Workers' Compensation

Workers in Illinois who have suffered an injury at work are entitled to bring a claim under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Attorney Driscoll has the experience to protect the rights of persons who have suffered work injuries through obtaining successful results in bringing cases before the Workers’ Compensation Commission. He will work with you to ensure that you receive all of the benefits you are entitled to under the law, including benefits, while you are off of work recovering from your injuries, as well as a permanency settlement after you have completed treatment and are in the process of returning to the workforce.

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Construction workers and laborers on jobsites are frequently exposed to dangerous conditions while on the job. Injuries frequently occur as a result of the negligence of co-workers and other contractors, exposure to chemicals and other harmful substances such as asbestos and the operation of dangerous machinery, unsafe work practices by contractors unfortunately continue to contribute to construction workers suffering significant and sometimes even fatal injuries.

Attorney Driscoll has handled numerous construction negligence cases for workers in the various trades. He has handled cases for the families, who have suffered serious injury or death as a result of the negligence of others on the job.

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Medical Negligence

Patients and their families place their trust in doctors, nurses and other health care workers to provide the medical care that they need in a safe and professional way. The unfortunate reality is that medical errors frequently occur in hospitals and doctors’ offices throughout our state resulting in serious injury and sometimes even death to patients. Physicians and other healthcare providers should be held responsible for injuries suffered by patients and their families as a result of their negligence.

Medical negligence can occur in many different ways, including failing to diagnose a treatable condition, inappropriate treatment, and improper performance of surgical procedures.

Attorney John J. Driscoll has represented patients and their families in medical negligence actions against medical health care providers whose negligence have resulted in serious injury or death to their patients.

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Premises Liability

Those who own or control property have a legal obligation to ensure that persons, who are on their property are not subject to unsafe or dangerous conditions. Attorney John Driscoll has successfully represented people who have suffered serious injury resulting from unsafe conditions on property owned or controlled by business owners, schools, hotels, parking lots, and other public venues.

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Nursing Home Negligence

All of us are faced with the difficult decision to place our elderly loved ones in nursing homes as their needs require. We expect that nursing homes provide the care and support needed for our elderly family members when making this difficult decision. Unfortunately, oftentimes, nursing homes are understaffed, and their employees are improperly trained to provide the care needed for their elderly residents. Even with the legal oversight and regulations in place to protect the elderly in nursing homes, negligence and abuse and neglect cases of residents continues to occur on an all too frequent basis in our state.

Elderly residents of nursing homes must be protected from the abuse and neglect that often occurs in nursing homes. Attorney Driscoll has extensive experience in representing elderly patients and their families in lawsuits in personal injury and wrongful death actions against nursing homes, resulting from the abuse and neglect of elderly patients.

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Products Liability

We all have an expectation that the products we use in our everyday, and on the job are safe and properly designed. Manufacturers and sellers of products have the responsibility to ensure that their products are safe, and when someone is injured, or loses their life as a result of an unsafe product, sellers and manufacturers should be held accountable.

Attorney Driscoll has represented clients in product liability actions and understands the multiple complex issues involved in these claims. He accepts the responsibility of bringing claims against manufacturers and sellers of unsafe products in an effort to promote public safety, and compensate those injured as a consequence of an unsafe product.

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Animal Control Act

Through the Animal Control Act, Illinois protects those persons injured by an attack dog or other animals without provocation. John Driscoll has attained substantial settlements for clients in injury claims arising from this statute.

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Commercial Litigtion

Attorney John J. Driscoll is a trial lawyer who has the ability and experience to aggressively represent individuals and business owners in commercial civil litigation. Contract disputes among and between individuals, businesses and insurance companies are a reality in everyday life. And in the world of business, he will aggressively represent individuals and businesses in a wide variety of disputes seeking out contractual, legal and equitable remedies in order to obtain the best possible results for our clients.

Attorney Driscoll also has established relationships with criminal, traffic, family law, real estate, and estate planning law firms and can provide referrals for our prospective clients to aggressive and experienced attorneys in each of these areas of law.

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